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Giovanna Nucci, from the state of Santa Catarina, has a longstanding concern with understanding the artistic, aesthetic and poetic processes of communication. She started her career as a fashion designer with her own line, coordinating photographic sessions that brought avant-garde concepts of colours and forms to her creations. However, Giovanna has turned her creativity to photography in the last 15 years. With the attentive perspective of someone who seeks something beyond the merely conventional, she innovated by bringing her repertoire of fashion and a strong graphical influence, which arises from her passion for architecture and, especially, the Bauhaus school, to artistic photography. With sensibility and dedication, she has established herself as one of the most renowned photographers, capturing moments of profound complicity and spontaneity in her studies, not only eternalizing recordings but memories. She completed her academic training at the first Faculty of Photography in Latin America where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography, specializing in Art and Culture. Giovanna continues with her passion for and dedication to Fine Art. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally on the arts circuit, also actively taking part in this important moment of Brazilian photography with individual and collective shows. In partnership with renowned galleries, art dealers and architects, her work is sought by collectors and displayed in corporate and private spaces. Giovanna Nucci has a modern photographic studio which is installed with high technology equipment in the Jardins region in São Paulo.